Muscle Building Tips To Gain Natural Mass

Ever wondered why you put in so many hours at the gym but have nothing to show for it? Or why those supplements just don’t work no matter how much you binge on them? Well, here is an insight on what you have been doing wrong.

Muscle building is something we do in progression. You don’t need two hours in the gym or the latest cocktail of steroid supplements to see results. It all depends on how you understand your body then come up with a plan on how to build muscle on it.

What body type are you?

Bodybuilding experts divide the body into three main categories: ectomorphs, mesomorphs and endomorphs. Endomorphs are those who have it rough losing weight, thus are mostly recommended to cut down on calories or fast foods. Ectomorphs are the skinny guys, those who take time to gain weight no matter how much they eat. The lucky chaps are the mesomorphs, who gain mass within days and only need a few hours in the gym to get those abs going.

Body Type Determines Diet

Once you know where you fall in the three body types, you then know how to regulate your diet. If you are a skinny ectomorph, you want to have six servings of high calorie diet every day at 2 to 3 hour intervals. Endomorphs would have to eat less of this and focus more on mass building foods. Mesomorphs just need a steady diet and a good workout plan and everything comes easy to them.

The Best Work out Plan

To build body mass, you have to understand how muscle cells work. The first time you work out, your muscle tear and heal, creating more room for new muscle cells to grow. The trick is to progress by varying the intensity of the work out. Never let your body get accustomed to your daily exercise challenge because your growth will stall.

If you are doing a 30 day ab challenge, switch things up the next month with a cardio challenge. Or do a combination of work out routines, then keep varying the reps and sets to boost intensity. That’s how building muscle works.

Here is something crucial to remember, building muscle takes 20% of working out and 80% of proper dieting. So a good calorie meal complementing your body type and just one hour of progressive exercising is all you need.